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Here are some suggestions to help make your move easier and stress free.

Hire a Professional Moving Company:
Interview more than one moving company to make sure that you are getting a fair price. You may wish to schedule either an in-home estimates, or if you feel uncomfortable due to COVID-19, ask for their virtual estimating options.

Everyone wants to save money. So, before you pack your first box, one of the moving companies you may wish to check out is AAA Movers of Minneapolis. We negotiated favorable moving rates and terms with them and they are a preferred Vendor of The Luxe, Apartments at Ridgedale.

You might want to ask about moving and wardrobe boxes, packing and packing materials, liability insurance, etc. Weekdays are typically more cost-effective than weekends, but with AAA Movers your moving rate has already been pre-negotiated. Just mention The Luxe, Apartments at Ridgedale, when you request an estimate.

Create a Moving Checklist:
Click on the link below, to view a moving check list provided by AAA Movers of Minneapolis.


While movers can help with your move, you need to dispose of as many things that you may no longer need. Do not pack items that you know you are going to get rid of as soon as you move into your new apartment home.

Take Inventory:

Make it easier for yourself and your movers by taking an inventory of everything that will be going into each box, as it gets packed up. Also, don’t forget to number and label each box with its contents, indicating which room it should be placed in. To help you manage this process, consider downloading an online home inventory app. Regardless of the move, having a comprehensive list of all your possessions will be helpful if you need to file a claim with your insurance company due to theft, fire, or a natural disaster.


Packing is one of the most meticulous and time-consuming aspects of moving. While you may really want to tackle the packing on your own, there are numerous benefits to hiring a professional mover and packing your belongings. They can help with:
Specialty crating services for fragile and valuable items
High-quality, durable moving boxes and wrapping supplies


Nobody ever said moving was easy. Unfortunately, it can also be more dangerous than you might think, with the constant bending and lifting. Moving should be an exciting start to the next chapter of your life, not the beginning of chronic pain. A lot of people get so caught up in protecting their precious belongings that they forget to properly protect themselves. In order to help you avoid unnecessary pain, here are some things to consider.
Resist the urge to over pack. Just because you can put 100 pounds of books into a large box, doesn’t necessarily make it a good idea. Try and keep each box under 50 pounds, so it can be more easily carried. Put all heavy in small boxes, and only fill the larger boxes with light, bulky items such as blankets, pillows, and clothing.

Carefully wrap sharp objects.

Go slow and don’t overdo it. There is always a temptation to get the move done as quickly as possible. However, moving furniture and boxes too fast increases the chance of damage to both you and your possessions.

Lift the correct way

The best way to avoid back strain is by following proper lifting protocols, lift with your legs and not your back. Keep your back straight and bend at the knees. If possible, don’t over-extend your arms and keep the items close to your body. If you can, pack your boxes on top of a table or a countertop, to avoid having to bend over often.
Avoid overhead lifting. There really should not be any reason to lift a heavy object over your head. You will naturally want to maximize the space in the moving truck, but try to keep large, heavy objects closer to the ground and put the lighter boxes up high. This also decreases the chances of mid-transit shifting and damage.