Restaurant Gift Cards

At the Luxe, our residents are fortunate to be surrounded by a plethora of quality restaurants, offering a wide range of cuisine. During the holiday season, many of these restaurants also offer bonus gift card specials.  Here are just a few of the restaurants, in our beautiful neighborhood, that offer specials this holiday season: KONA […]

What is Minnetonka, MN Known For

The Luxe, Apartments at Ridgedale is centrally located in Minnetonka, providing its residents access to a wide range of athletic activities, parks, restaurants, shopping and many other cultural attractions. Here are six things you will want to check out in the area. The Chain of Lakes: The lakes in Uptown are always crowded with people, […]

Here’s What You Shouldn’t Put Down a Garbage Disposal

A garbage disposal is a simple convenience and one most people use often. It’s a quick way to get rid of the scraps on your plate without tossing them into the garbage, where they’re likely to develop an odor. From fruit scraps to fatty rinds from meats, it all ends up in the garbage disposal, […]

Do You Need Renters Insurance for an Upscale Apartment?

Many people are often surprised to learn that they need renters’ insurance when they move into an upscale building like The Luxe. They’re paying for the convenience of living in a building that’s safe, well-managed and continuously cared-for. What need could they possibly have for renters’ insurance?  Do you really need renters’ insurance for an […]

Here are some suggestions to help make your move easier & stress free

If 50% off rent for six (6) months sounds like an amazing promotion, then look no further. The Luxe, Apartments at Ridgedale will be your new apartment home. Please inquire for more details at The Luxe, Apartments at Ridgedale is not just another apartment. It provides the finest in luxury living for its residents. […]

COVID-19 Virus update

As you may know, state and local government took unprecedented action, to help contain the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Following their lead, we are aligning ourselves, at The Luxe, Apartments at Ridgedale, with their recommendations. We are doing everything possible to minimize transmission and follow the best practices, until the COVID-19 virus passes, and […]